Hoping to help one person at a time to sleep better.

Why Us Why now ?

Since 1980 we have serving the professional trade by design. Our pillows have been patient field tested. Individuals have come to us for replacement pillows over the years because they could not find pillows of equal quality. If your practitioner does not offer pillows please order from us. Tell them how much this has helped and if you get the office to order from us, The Pillow Place will send you $100.00 Please spread the word.

Made in my home state of Atlanta, GA with love and crafted with pride.

Better Quality Better Value. There is no substitute.

We might be a little higher, but We’re worth it. Our foam used in our Contour Support pillows is made of high density foam grade used in the better home furnishings. Our Bear Hug Lumbar Support Saddle and Wedge Cushions is made of high density firm molded foam used in automotive industry. Our other lumbar support cushions use high density firm foam. This adds extra support.

Hi my name is Johnny, “ the Pillow man “. I not only make my own contour support pillow but I use it each and every day. The pillow saved my life., no more cricks in my neck. This pillow makes me sleep correctly on my back and side. My body is positioned correct and comfortable, and I get plenty of rest.

I used to sleep flat on my stomach, my head turned to the left or right., and could not sleep on my back. I began getting cricks in my neck, so much so I was sent to an orthopedic surgeon. He gave me some neck exercises. This help but did not solve the problem of sleeping on a conventional pillow.

My personal favorite is the contour support smooth or convoluted with egg cradle bubbles( for additional comfort and support).This is the first pillow I started to make 39 years ago.

I use the pillow to sleep on my back ( could not do this with a conventional bed pillow)or on my side. I like to turn or place the pillow at an angle to get close to my shoulder for extra support and comfort.

In April of 1980 I started making decorative pillows. Soon afte I had a visit from Dr Sid Williams

( founder of Life Chiropractic College ); he walked into my building in downtown Lithia Springs, Ga

holding a special designed pillow and asked me would I like to make this for him. I asked what do you do with this? He told me to take it home and sleep on it. I call him a week later and told him the pillow order was ready. It was then I told him how this pillow made my day better. It was then I heard the chiropractic word and philosophy of Life through Dr. Sid.

Find yourself a good chiropractor, therapist. It will make you smile.

Johnny Goldstein

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